Digital Textile Exhibit

There are two ways to contribute to the website: 

1) Comment on an exhibit item or
2) Contribute an item in image or story form

1) Click on a thumbnail of the Omeka exhibit item

2) Scroll down to the “Comments” section near the bottom of the page, and enter your comment in the input box.

3) Press “Submit”


Have you seen an item like this before elsewhere? If so, what is it, and where did you see it?


Does this item share some kind of similarity with a different tradition, practice, or object? Describe the different tradition, practice, or object, and discuss briefly how you see it relating to something in the digital textile exhibit.


Do you have a personal experience related to this item, or a thought or memory about which this item reminds you?


Do you want to contribute additional information about the item (something not mentioned in the exhibit item text)?

1. Choose “image” or “story” from the drop-down menu

2. Upload your image or story, and make sure to name the resource, identify where you or your item would be located on the map (visible on the page). In the text box area on the page, please include any information you’d like to share about how you connect to the Peruvian community (do you self-identify as Peruvian or Peruvian-American, have you lived or visited there, are you or your family from another Andean country such as Bolivia, Ecuador, Columbia, or Venezuela? Please indicate the city or region you are from as well.)

Traditional religious and medical practices (rites of passage customs, curanderismo or folk healing, etc.)

Musical arts (folk song and dance genres such as huayno, yaraví, etc.)

Sports and games (soccer fandom practices, for example)​

Verbal art (legends, family stories, folktales, proverbs, verbal dueling, etc.)

Dramatic arts and theatrical forms (festival, dance, and drama, such as the Lord of Miracles procession or the tondero music/dance style)​

Graphic and plastic arts (arts and crafts such as retablos or portable altars, Torito de Pukara, etc.)

If you can, also use the text input area to comment on any items in the digital textile exhibits to which your contribution relates. For example, does the theme of a song match one of the designs? Does a dance you’ve seen or performed feature a dancer wearing a type of clothing mentioned in the Clothing exhibit?