Permanent Collection

Browse the CTTC’s permanent collection by selecting the community and textile type you would like to view.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Permanent Collection?

The permanent collection is a collection of more than 700 textile-related items that belong to the Center for Traditional Textiles of Cusco (CTTC). The exhibit features textiles from creators and communities throughout Peru.

These textiles are categorized by these main traits: community, artist, color, type of textile, function of textile, and technique.

How do I use the search feature?

Searching the permanent collection database is simple. Type keywords into the search bar to narrow down the items you are looking for. 

You can search by community, artist, color, textile function, thread type, and more!

We encourage you to also combine multiple categories in your search by separating different tags with a comma. 

For example, searching “Accha Alta, poncho” will provide you with a list of results of all of the ponchos from Accha Alta. 

What makes a weaving impressive or notable to Andean weavers?

There are several considerations when answering the question:  What makes an impressive textile? Andean weavers note such aspects as the fineness of the weaving (stitches per inch), the difficulty of the weaving technique used, and the “rightness” or “correctness” of color choice and design arrangement. 

Sometimes these ideas contrast or even conflict with global tourist or business preferences. For example, Andean weavers may have a preference for bright colors and, in particular, the green and red color combination—which may instead be viewed as too bright or associated with the Christmas holiday to outsiders.

How do I cite these images?

Each Omeka item contains a full Dublin Core metadata description as well as a bibliographic citation. 

Although the metadata and citation information are not repeated when you click on an image, the aforementioned Dublin Core metadata description and bibliographic citation apply to each individual image associated with a collection item.