About the Exhibition

(un)continuity is an invitation to explore fluidity, to break binaries, and challenge categories: works in this exhibition explore representation and presentation; play along spectra of light, sound, and probe the visible-invisible; and embrace unity and discord. This type of boundary work is at the heart of electronic literature, a practice of exploring the limits of born-digital storytelling that includes multimodal writing, digital art, playful narrative, interactive fiction, literary games, hypertext, and screen fiction.

This exhibition is part of the Electronic Literature Organization Conference and Festival 2020, hosted by the University of Central Florida and occurring online starting July 16th. Curated by Shannon Lindsay, Ha’ani Hogan, and Anastasia Salter, the exhibition was originally intended for physical space: however, following the closure of most shared physical space with the advent of global pandemic, the exhibition was re-imagined as a virtual, interactive display. The exhibition includes interactive, procedural, generative, and otherwise experimental works by artists from around the world.

Originally, this work was planned as two separate installations for the UCF Art Gallery and Orlando CityArts. These spaces are still adapting, as COVID-19 numbers continue to rise in the state of Florida. Some works are captured only through documentation as a result: others have been fully reimagined, and represent new work created in response to the current moment. As we imagine how gallery spaces persist even as public buildings remain closed to crowds, the curators hope this exhibition will provide inspiration and connection.


Curated by Shannon Lindsay, Ha'ani Hogan, and Anastasia Salter

Website by Jesslyn Parrish and Mike Shier