Social Distancing - the pandemic diary

Aleksandra Adela Sielaff

Online project that serves as a basis for a collective set of thoughts written by current students from different parts of the world who share in the self-lockdown due to the Coronavirus. It shows how life can be changed in seconds because of events that are out of peoples control.

The crisis that set the background for this project was the COVID-19 pandemic which was declared on 11th March 2020 by the World Health Organisation. Following this, governments worldwide instructed the public to practice social distancing and took decisive measures to ensure that strategies were in place to achieve this process. In addition to shutting national borders, many public venues and institutions were closed such as schools, universities, cinemas, theatres and restaurants. In ensuring that vulnerable were protected, people were ordered to stay indoors to shield the elderly for up to 3 months. Many were forced to separate from their families. Isolation has created an environment for increased nostalgic thoughts as well as deeper mental health problems. Yet, it has also given more time for personal development and creativity evidenced by the many number of YouTube clips.

Participants were asked to create something in the form of a letter to themselves which they would like to read in ten year’s time. All of the letters are unique and show the pandemic life from different perspective.

About the Artist

Aleksandra Sielaff, a graduate student of media and communication at Kingston University London. Originally from Gdańsk, Poland currently based in Ashford, Surrey, UK. During her time at university she developed a strong interest in the use of digital media in art and creative coding. After undertaking an internship in the Vodafone London Digital Hub she directed her career development towards UX design.