Babble Wall

Amay Kataria

My art practice is rooted in a technologically mediated interaction with this world. The poiesis of my work lies in an assemblage of algorithmic instructions as computer code that manifests itself in the form of kinetic imagery, media sculptures, and sonic experiences. Currently, it interrogates the posthuman affairs of existence in a society where technology has transformed from a necessity to a socio-political body of governance. It’s time based nature, along with a cause and effect system of relations often results in a bidirectional exchange of data and information to surface the work as an interactive experience. In these works, the medium is the instrument of intervention and the content is represented through the filter of my political consciousness of the world I live in.

About the Artist

Amay Kataria (b. New Delhi, India) graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2019) with an MFA in Art & Technology Studies. After completing his bachelors in Computer Engineering from Virginia Tech (2012), he worked for Microsoft Corp. (2013-2017) in Seattle, WA. He has been invited as a visiting artist at the Ethereal Summit, ThoughtWorks and Bellas Artes Outpost and was awarded the New Media Art Residency at Art Center Nabi. He has participated in group shows at Electromuseum, Moscow, Russia (2019), Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria (2019), TIFA India (2019), Art Center Nabi, Seoul,South Korea (2018), ThoughtWorks, New York, USA, and Experimental Sound Studio, Chicago, USA (2018) among others. To support his work, he has received grants in the name of Shapiro Level-Up Research Grant and Bajaj Art Scholarship.