Mexicans in Canada

Amira Hanafi

Can text in digital space take us everywhere on the human map? This digital poem re-assembles a sentence spoken by Gabriel Iglesias on the documentary series Inside Jokes (2018) — 'And the next thing you know, there’s Mexicans in Canada.' The poem moves its reader across the world, through countries and territories, among its citizens, crossing borders. Nations and their demonymic forms are collected from Wikipedia. The script is written in p5.js.

About the Artist

Amira Hanafi is a poet and artist working with language as a material. She assembles polyvocal archives connected to particular histories. From her collections, she makes texts, digital and print publications, performances, and installations. She is the author of the books 'Forgery' and 'Minced English', some limited edition print works, and several works of electronic literature, including the award-winning 'A dictionary of the revolution'.