Survey Armenia
Hayk Azizbekyan describes a typical day at an Armenian archaeological site and discusses personal connections made at the site.

Alternative Armenia
Laurel Schafer interviews an Armenian archaeologist who discusses the important discoveries made at the Areni 1 cave.

Archaeology in Armenia
Ani Adigyozalyan contextualizes the Areni cave complex within a broader archaeology of Armenia.

Qarashamb Excavations
Tatevik Harutyunyan elucidates the excavation process and the captivating aspects of archaeology.

It Takes a Village
Elyssa Smith relates her impressions of Armenian village life and her responses to the area’s unique culture.

What is Archaeology?
Mariam Amiryan uses illustration to contrast archaeology with other excavation-centered disciplines.

There and Back Again
Laurel Schafer compares her personal journey through Armenia with Tolkien’s Middle Earth universe.

Another Side of Archaeology
Hayk Haydosyan explains some of the lesser known considerations archaeologists must make for their work to be successful.

To Dig a Hole in Armenia
Jennifer Markowitz explores her personal reactions and responses to what she encountered on her journey through Armenia.

What do Archaeologists do?
Trevor Colaneri outlines the detailed process archaeologists use to discover and catalogue cultural material.

The Pottery Piece that Could
Jacob Finegan reflects upon the unique contributions students can make to the field of archaeology.
Hayk Haydosyan discusses a rescue archaeology project in progress.

Along the Road
Tiffany Earley-Spadoni compares the development of U.S. roads to the road network in Armenia during the Silk Road period.

Turn on the Mic
Travis Corwin utilizes technical devices in order to highlight and present the narrative as intellectual construct.