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The Fairfax Arms: The Place to Be

Raymond Nye // AMH 4110-0M01 – Colonial America, 1607-1763 The town of Colchester, established in 1753 by the Virginia Assembly, was laid out in a triangular shape and consisted of forty-one lots and a marketplace.[1] Colchester quickly became a thriving port town, shipping tobacco to Great Britain.[2] One of the earliest businesses to be established in the […]

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Slave Consumption

Glenmore Bachman // AMH 4110.0M01 – Colonial America, 1607-1763 At the Glassford and Henderson Colchester store (1760-1761) in Fairfax County, Virginia, evidence of slaves in the records was mostly through indirect mentions (“by your negro wench”) or by the purchase of items used mostly by those enslaved (osnaburg, a fabric used to make clothing). Negro […]

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