These analyses were created by undergraduate students at the University of Central Florida in classes focused on the British American colonies and the Atlantic world.  To help the students with their understanding of material world, Dr. Rosalind Beiler and Molly Kerr, with History Revealed, Inc., partnered on a project to introduce the students to transcribing an 18th-century ledger. They explored how store accounts worked, learned about the colonial economy and trade, and discovered the people, places, and objects found in an 18th-century community in Fairfax County, Virginia.

The students worked with the 1760/1761 ledger for the Colchester store in Colchester, Virginia.  The original ledgers reside at the Library of Congress and are available on microfilm (71 reels). The students worked from digital copies of the microfilmed ledger.

Their assignment required a written essay (blog post) and the creation of an illustrated digital exhibit of their topic (infographic).