Summer 2022

The proposed project, “A Woman’s Place: Language and Culture Alive in Argentina” is a GPA on Curriculum Development for University of Central Florida faculty and K- 12 teachers in the fields of language, culture, history, and politics in Seminole, Orange, Brevard, and Osceola Counties, Florida. The selected 12 participants (4 UCF faculty and 8 K12 teachers) will be employees of UCF and K 12 schools in the aforementioned counties.

UCF proposed a four week (thirty-day) curriculum development project in Argentina, including pre-departure and post departure programs at UCF, focusing on culture, economics, politics and history as a means to understand the role and realities of women in Argentina as keepers of family history and pioneers within society. Most women are responsible for the advancement, retention and achievements of the members of a family. Studying women and their role in society could bring to the K-12 teachers a better understanding of the dynamics of family structure and power within the Latino community. We are firm believers of teaching “living history” or letting history speak through examples and experiences. For this particular journey we will have the benefit of historians, literature and society experts together with visits to local museums, libraries and repositories to further see and admire artifacts, art and architecture of the times.

UCF program abroad will be hosted by Universidad Católica de Argentina (UCA) and their Business School facilities at Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires.

Sample Schedule – Days 14 and 15

Sample schedule, days 14-15