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Dilapidated Sanford: Sanford Ave

[juxtapose leftsrc=”” rightsrc=””] First Photo: 1980s Second Photo: 2009 Photo I have, but need to find on my computer/camera: Summer 2015 (Becomes Enriched Sanford with newest photo)

Enriched Sanford: NAS Sanford

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Vanished Sanford: The Wellbourne Block

[juxtapose leftsrc=”” rightsrc=””] The Wellbourne Block was originally built in the surge of construction after the fire of 1887 and served as the first Seminole County Courthouse. The first picture is taken circa 1913, with the clock tower in full view and intact. The building was remodeled in the early 1920s to become the Valdez… Read more »

Maintained Sanford: The Hester-Shepard Block

[juxtapose leftsrc=”” rightsrc=””] The Hester Shepard Block was constructed after the 1887 fire that destroyed much of downtown Sanford by M.K. Hester and Samuel Shepard. It was used as a fire station from about 1890 to 1974, but has also housed the county jail, police station, and city hall at one point or another throughout… Read more »