History Harvest

According to historyharvest.net, History Harvest is: “a collaborative, community based digital project and learning initiative that aims to democratize history. … Students digitally captured each artifact and shared them in a web-based archive providing publicly available material for historical study, k-12 instruction, and life-long learning” (http://historyharvest.net/). Scott French, Associate Professor of History and Director of the Public History Center at UCF, has prepared this helpful History Harvest bibliography below to introduce newcomers to the methodology.

The History Harvest – A Select Bibliography

by Scot French 


Websites/Resources – University of Nebraska at Lincoln

History Harvest Website



The History Harvest Community



History Harvests as Digital Public History

William G. Thomas, Patrick D. Jones, and Andrew Witmer, “History Harvest: What Happens When Students Collect and Digitize the People’s History?”  AHA Perspectives on History, January 2013.



Sara Georgini, “Spring at the History Harvest,” The Junto: A Group Blog on Early American History, March 6, 2013.



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History Harvests at DH 2016



News coverage of UCF- Hosted History Harvests

Tiffany Rivera, “UCF Students Help Preserve Oviedo’s Past at History Harvest,” UCF Today, April 24, 2015.



Ludmilla Lelis, “UCF Helps Preserve Sanford’s Treasures; ‘Each Item Tells a Human Story,’ UCF Prof Says at History Harvest,” Orlando Sentinel, March 2, 2013



Kelli Ordonia, “UCF’s Public History Center Gathers Artifacts at History Harvest,” UCF Today, March 8. 2013.



NEH Grant Proposal – Confederated History Harvests

Uniting Invisible Histories – Proposal Summary



Web Resources and Sample Collections

History Harvest Website – University of Nebraska at Lincoln



University of Central Florida’s RICHES Mosaic Interface – History Harvest Collection



Sample RICHES Podcast – History of Oviedo, Florida