Yohanna Joseph Waliya

Climatophosis is a digital poetry expressed in French and English. It’s inspired by the current climate change in the world. In fact, its title is coined from climate and metamorphosis i.e. change of climate. It affects rainfall in the North-Eastern Nigeria. Noticeably, for about two decades ago, it has been raining from May to October with little rainfall but now it’s from June to November with rainfall volumes increased to the extent that new variety of crops are needed to fit the new climate.

In this case, Climatophosis is all about who is to be blamed for climate change? –It is the same humanity that refuses to respect the nature. On the other hand, nature is renewing itself because it’s worn-out. This is a call for masses to respect nature and be freed from the consequences of climate change which makes it fit into the “Climates of change” praxis.

In regard to coding Climatophosis, it’s created by manipulating HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript codes of the experts on applying a new method of composing digital poetry called Manipulating Codes Composition Method (MCCM) in order to harmonize and animate texts. It’s read by hovering mouse.

About the Artist

Yohanna Joseph Waliya is a Nigerian digital poet, distant writer, novelist, playwright and winner of the Janusz Korczak Prize for Global South 2020. He writes in English and French. Among his works are : La révolte de vie (play), Monde 2.0 (play), Hégémonie Disparue (novel), Quand l'Afrique se lèvera (novel), Homosalus (digital poetry), Momenta (digital poetry), @TinyKorczak (Twitterbot-poetry). He’s also Graduate Assistant at the Department of Modern Languages and Translation Studies, University of Calabar as well as a M.A. French student at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria. His research interests cover distant writing, Digital Poetry, Twitterbot-poetry, Twitterature, language discourse etc.