Call for Proposals: Workshops at HT2020

Chair: Jamie Blustein

February 2020

The workshops at ACM Hypertext aim to create a more informal framework
for an innovative exchange of views, exchange experiences, present
ideas, promote the research community and identify open problems
and directions for future research. The workshops also provide a
good opportunity for both established and junior researchers to
present work and receive feedback from an interested community in
a constructive atmosphere and somewhat more interactive format than
the main conference.

Proposals are particularly appreciated on new topics related to the
main topics of the conference, but may also include other topics that
may be of interest to the hypertext community. There are no limits
on creativity in workshop design.

Acceptance of workshop proposals will be based on the experience
and background of the organisers in the topic, and on the relevance
of the subject matter with regard to the topics addressed in the
main conference. We welcome proposals for different types of
workshops, from working groups on a specific topic to more traditional
conference-like workshops. We generally prefer “interactive”
workshops, which ensure a richer active interaction between the
participants and offer plenty of space for controversial and
stimulating discussions. Potential proposers are invited to discuss
their ideas with the workshop chair before working out a detailed

Send your workshop proposals (as a single PDF file) by e-mail to the
workshop/tutorial chair at using the email subject [HT2020 WORKSHOP], with the following

– Title of the workshop and suggested acronym
– Keywords (describing the main themes)
– Abstract (maximum of 3 pages is recommended)
– Description of the workshop (topics and goals)
– Relevance of the workshop to ACM Hypertext 2020
– Workshop organisers’ bios (1-2 paragraphs per organiser)
– Motivation (why the topic is of interest for the conference audience)
– Workshop and submission formats (e.g. position papers of specified
length, long or short papers, hypertexts)
– Length (half day or full day – in this case, motivation for the need
for a full day)
– Previous editions of the workshop series, if applicable (URLs,
conference it was co-located with, number of registrants, number
of submissions, number of accepted papers, and any other relevant
information to assess level of interest from the community)
– Any plan for further publication (e.g. special issue in journals)
– Initial list of (potential) members of the program committee

Deadline for workshop submission is March 24, 2020.