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A Mile in the Shoes of the Atlantic World: Calamanco Shoes

Danielle Roper // AMH 4112.001 – The Atlantic World, 1400-1900 Calamanco shoes were a women’s shoe in the 18th century that were often purchased and worn by members of the upper class. Calamanco is a glossy woolen cloth that is checkered on one side. Lower class women’s shoes would be made of a more durable […]

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The Longest Living Fashion Statement: The Women’s Pump

Vincent Ventola // AMH 4112.001 – The Atlantic World, 1400-1900 In the past, women as well as men and children wore pumps, or shoes; these pumps are very similar to what we know as pumps or heels in the 21st century.[1]  In the 18th century, pumps were also worn during special occasions, just like they […]

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