The Console-ing Passions Arcade will be entirely web-based, and is designed to provide an interactive space for play and reflection. Works should be designed to be experienced online. We ask for works taking a feminist lens to this moment and our media landscape: works that offer moments of catharsis, reflection, humor, or rage are particularly welcome. The arcade will be curated with attention to connection to the Console-ing Passions community and this year’s theme of “Reinvention.” We see this theme as an opportunity for reflection on the influence of the pandemic on both media industries and our own media scholarship, but also as a call to consider the role of a feminist lens in pushing for reimaginings of our institutional structures and inequities. Submissions might also respond aesthetically to the ongoing process of “Reinvention” in the media landscape, from the ubiquitous reboots and revivals to the restructuring of industries.

While not exhaustive, some formats that might work particularly well for this year’s call include:

  • Hypertext fiction
  • Procedural narratives or poetics
  • Small interactive works / games 
  • Tik Toks or other short videos
  • Zoom-based media experiments
  • Moving texts / concrete poetry
  • Social media-driven narratives or play

However, this list is not meant to be exclusive: we welcome a wide range of media experiences, including those previously published in venues such as and YouTube that the creator thinks would resonate with this year’s conference-goers.

For consideration by the curatorial team, please submit:

  • A link to or files for the work
  • Artist’s statement (250-300 words)
  • Brief, third-person artist’s or collective’s bio (150 words)

To: by APRIL 10.